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JOLT expands New Zealand footprint at pace, launches in Christchurch

JOLT, an authentically sustainable digital-out-of-home and electric vehicle charging network, today announced its expansion into Christchurch, expanding its New Zealand footprint, and offering brands greater opportunity to connect with premium audiences.

JOLT’s unique business model delivers free, fast and clean electric vehicle charging seamlessly combined with premium digital out-of-home screens integrated with its charger network.

JOLT offers Kiwi EV drivers 7 kWh, or around 45 kilometres, of free, daily fast charging, with the cost of charging offset though JOLT’s integrated digital out-of-home advertising network.

JOLT already has a strong presence in Auckland with its digital out-of-home network available on its EV charging stations across the city. JOLT will now roll out an initial 10 of its innovative EV charging stations in Christchurch, with two integrated high-quality LED screens on each station, available for advertisers.

“Digital out-of-home has quickly evolved, with critical brand-funded city infrastructure now delivering to the public EV charging. Not only is the future of sustainable transportation electric, the future is also sustainable and environmentally responsible outdoor media and JOLT is leading the way,” said Chris Monaghan, JOLT Country Manager.

“JOLT is building scale in Auckland, we have a significant pipeline of investment with new sites going live on a weekly basis. We have now commenced a scaled deployment program in Christchurch, with 20 digital panels live by Christmas and installations continuing for the coming years.

“We will continue our push into new cities early in the new year while also increasing the pace of build in Auckland and Christchurch. JOLT invests in only the best 75 inch digital panels, sites are double-sided with the ability to orientate viewing angles to roadside audiences. This is a clear advantage for advertisers investing in premium digital out-of-home campaigns.

“JOLT has experienced fantastic brand and media agency support. This is due to the fact that sustainability is now a core focus for brands, both internally and externally. We also know that media agencies are moving towards sustainable media buys, without compromising on reach, impact and engagement with desirable audiences. This is our new normal. The JOLT network partners with brands to create cleaner, more liveable New Zealand cities.”

New Zealand advertisers have already embraced the premium JOLT advertising solution, with categories including EV automotive, telecommunications, banking, retail, energy, FMCG and financial services featuring in digital out-of-home campaigns.

“We have ambitious plans to grow JOLT into a significant global company with our state-of-the-art EV chargers that run on renewable energy and provide advertisers with a premium digital out-of-home network. This drives our mission to enhance the accessibility and convenience of EV charging infrastructure in New Zealand and contribute to a greener future by reducing air pollution and providing advertisers with a premium, engaged audience,” Monaghan said.

The expansion to Christchurch follows a significant growth phase for JOLT. It has also announced a major deal with Canadian telco TELUS this year, to roll out 5,000 EV chargers, and 10,000 digital out-of-home panels across Canada, and has recently launched in the UK with EV chargers and digital out-of home screens now rolling out at pace in London, with thousands planned across the UK in coming years.

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