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Our mission

To make electric transport more accessible through zero cost, fast charging.

JOLT is building a large-scale network of electric vehicle charging stations. Electric vehicles are the future but the lack of charging infrastructure in New Zealand has held us back – until now. Using innovative technology, we’re creating a functional, sustainable charging network that is powered by 100% local green energy. That means we are making electric transport more accessible to Kiwis whilst proudly paving the way to a zero emissions future.

State-of-the-art chargers carefully designed to optimise your charging experience

Our chargers were thoughtfully designed for fast charging, blending well with Australia's urban city centres. Supported by local councils, our charger location map ensures maximum convenience, safety, and future planning.

State-of-the-Art Chargers carefully designed to optimise your charging experience

Our chargers were carefully designed to provide you with fast charging capability while complementing the urban city centres. With the support of local councils, we have developed a location map for our chargers that will maximise convenience and safety and also support future planning.

Australia’s only carbon
negative medium

Authentically sustainable. Every JOLT campaign reduces carbon emissions.

Audience connections
like no other

Broadcast reach and unmatched 1:1 engagement. High value, pioneering audiences

Future facing,
digital network

Driven by first party data

metro locations

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and growing

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