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JOLT, has today unveiled the first of over 30 electric vehicle fast-charging stations outside the Mitre 10 Ponsonby store on Richmond Road, Auckland. The Ponsonby installation represents the first step in both organisations’ national EV charging networks which will roll out over the next three years. 

Using the JOLT network EV drivers can receive 7kWh of fast free charging every 24 hours, providing 40-50km of range and saving drivers over $1,100 per year. 

JOLT has plans for hundreds of chargers to be rolled out in urban and destination areas across New Zealand. 

JOLT CEO, Doug McNamee says: “We are excited to bring JOLT to New Zealand. The largest barriers to EV ownership are cost, range anxiety and access to charging infrastructure – our network is designed to alleviate all three.  We want to continue collaborating with brands like Mitre 10 and with like-minded partners to create a large and leading EV charging network that provides the best charging experience at an affordable price for all EV drivers in New Zealand.”

Mitre 10 Chief Legal & Property Officer, Grant Fraser, says the decision to install charging stations at all Mitre 10 stores was driven by a desire to support regional customers as well as city dwellers.

“We’re invested in our communities right across the country. Bringing EV charging stations to all Mitre 10 stores is another way we’re working to help our customers live more sustainably, especially given driving distances to stores in regional New Zealand are often greater than in metro areas. 

“Supporting customers looking to lower their carbon emissions is just one part of our sustainability commitment. We’re also working with each of our independently owned small-medium member businesses to help them measure and manage their carbon emissions. It’s a complex exercise, but absolutely necessary to enable us to focus on where reductions can be made across the co-operative.” 

“We’re really pleased to be the first retail partner for JOLT’s entry into the New Zealand market, and we’re grateful for the investment JOLT is making in helping us support our customers,” says Grant.

JOLT New Zealand Country Manager, Chris Monaghan says: “The first JOLT charger installation in collaboration with Mitre 10 marks a pivotal milestone as we’re contributing the country’s focus on reducing carbon emissions and supporting EV drivers with our free, fast charging network to help resolve the barriers to EV adoption. We will be continuing the roll out of the EV charging network consistently from now on and you’ll start seeing more JOLT chargers across urban New Zealand. We’re really pleased to be making charging more accessible to all EV drivers in New Zealand.” 

Earlier today, the first JOLT EV fast-charging station was unveiled at Mitre 10’s Ponsonby store during an event at which Hon Michael Wood, Minister of Transport, spoke about the Government’s National Charging Plan. 

About JOLT

JOLT is a free, fast Electric Vehicle charging network company, originally founded in Sydney, Australia. JOLT provides 7kWh of charging for free every day, which covers 40-50km of range and takes around 20 minutes of charging time depending on the EV model. An average driver in New Zealand drives 25-35km daily and by charging on the JOLT network, drivers can save over $1,100 a year. JOLT focuses on making charging more accessible to all EV drivers to help resolve barriers to EV ownership and accelerate the shift to a zero emission future. JOLT’s key chargers are 25-50kW DC fast chargers and all charging sessions are enabled by the JOLT App available in the app store which allows its users to search a nearest charger, monitor charging sessions real-time and manage payments.

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