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JOLT, New Zealand’s fast, free Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and Digital Out of Home network, has unveiled its industry tech partnerships with the launch of a purpose driven, 100 percent digital Out of Home network across the country.

JOLT is embracing programmatic and campaign verification, working closely with programmatic leaders, Hivestack and Vistar with dedicated inventory set aside to ensure the JOLT network is available programmatically. Third party verification is an important tool to reinforce accountability and transparency to the market on all JOLT assets. JOLT is partnering with Seedooh, Veridooh and OIS to ensure all campaigns are delivered with confidence to media agencies and brand partners.  

The network has also recently become a member of OOHMAA (Out Of Home Media Association Aotearoa) demonstrating the commitment and the significant DOOH investment JOLT is making in New Zealand.

JOLT is currently in the process of onboarding Calibre as its planning and measurement platform, aligning with the industry to deliver uniformed best practice to agencies and brand partners. Complementing Calibre will be JOLT’s unique and valuable first-party data, providing additional insights on highly conscious, pioneering and engaged audiences.

JOLT’s urban panel network also provides brands with opportunities to create dynamic campaigns with more control and contextual considerations, communicating with precise audiences that the brand wants to target more effectively.

Henry Rowley, JOLT Sales Director says it is an exciting time for the company as it launches a NZ-first, purpose-built network into the market.

Henry Rowley.

“With EV adoption rapidly increasing across the country, the core mission of the business is establishing a world class public charging service that is conveniently located and affordable – integrating seamlessly into drivers’ day-to-day routines. What comes with that is the opportunity to develop a brand new and sustainable Out-of-Home touchpoint that embraces the best of the ever-evolving Digital Out-of-Home landscape; allowing agencies and advertisers to maximise the data and technology available to successfully reach their audiences – whether that is a broadcast roadside audience, EV drivers, location based or contextual placement for sustainability campaigns and messaging”.

Brands have already started trading directly on the JOLT network and can now also plan programmatic campaigns from launch, says Chris Monaghan, JOLT Country Manager, with the first panels launching in the coming weeks.

Chris Monaghan.

“By advertising with JOLT, a brand is helping accelerate the adoption of lower-emission transport and will also have its JOLT media activities verified for its positive contribution to sustainability. JOLT is looking forward to working with media agencies and brand partners, delivering a Digital Out-of-Home network with purpose”.

Following its launch announcement earlier this year, JOLT is due to complete its first EV charger and DOOH installations in the coming weeks. 

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